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The Secret Origin of The Mark!

I wanted to write serious comic books. Books that made you feel like there were real people behind the masks. I wanted villains you could empathize with to a degree, or at the very least understand, with more motivation than just being a bad person. I wanted real people who had superhuman abilities and chose to use them like people use extraordinary skills to make money. I had one character who had control over gravity. They made millions putting things in space for Nasa and large corporations. No, you can't use that. Copyright me. In summary: I wanted comic books that made you think, inspired by such classics as Marvels, Kingdom Come, Planetary and Astro City.

I ended up making The Mark.

A little bit about me: I don't watch comedy movies. Or sitcoms. Ask Eric or Marc or anyone else who really knows. The last one I saw in the theater was The World's End at the Alamo, and that was because Escape from New York was sold out. We got to see that one months later, so no need to be concerned for us. The reason I don't like watching that stuff is simple: I have to live with seeing that stuff everyday in my head. Through some cruel twist of fate I happen to see the world funny side up. If there's something in any given situation that can make someone laugh, I'll see it. It serves me well in my day-job at the DMV.

It kind of started with the (serious) idea of heroes locking other, destructive heroes in a pocket dimension. Yes, I'm describing Civil War. Get over it. Anywho, I think that makes for a good subject. Which was also kind of done by Kingdom Come now that I think of it. Okay, get on with it, Jay. SO. Somewhere the idea turned into two separate dimensions. The guys and gals were divided. Of couse at this point I'm picturing a hero who's on the "good guys'" sh!t-list just about to free those who have been wrongfully imprisoned and thinking to himself, "Waitaminute...a whole dimension with dozens of ladies. I'd be the only guy in there???"

That right there is where it all started. I took something promising, something that could have been thought-provoking and high-minded and turned it into...The Mark.

You're welcome.


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