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The Networks have let me down again.

We are now in the season where TV shows are canceled. I have a few on that list and once again they are shows that has a lot of fans and yet the networks don't want to keep it going. One of the shows I watch got a "final" episode that closed up the story line but didn't truly end the show. I shouldn't be surprised it happen EVERY season. What can fans do? The usual, start the petitions going. (heck it give us one more season of Star Trek) that's the story we tell ourselves a few shows have been saved, others came back, the very luckily ones will go to another network. Yet, that is rare. I don't want to do any of that. I'm tired of it. I think I'm going to do what I did a few season back, And drop watching live TV again. Now, I won't get rid of cable. As much as I want to. I can't I need it for the internet accesses. What I mean is no more live TV for me. I have Netflix, Hulu and the on demand channels, internet etc. So I'll keep up with my entertainment and keep up with those few shows that are still going. It's the new shows I'm not going to bother with, why get invested in a story that the network didn't believe in? I wouldn't blame the cast and crew of a show, it's a numbers game for the network and from the stories I've heard from the hollywood machines there is so much crazy to deal with it's impossible to know what they want. This new way works for me because even if a show only ran one season I'll be aware of that and know going in it's only going to be a shot run. This method worked well for me in the past and I discover shows I really liked. TV needs to change their way to look at the audience. Take a show like No Ordinary Family, the network says that the Ratings was too low. And yet it was said by the star of the show. If the people who watch it on line only watch it on live TV the show would be the number one show. But the network isn't set up (or so its said) to know what the people are doing, they still go by a small sample.

I can see why I've been enjoying shows from the BBC, The seasons maybe shorter, but at least I get the full stories.


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