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The Hook Up Date Stories - The Best Laid Plans...

This isn’t a first date story it’s a first sex story. “Nick” and “Nora” had been dating for a couple months but they were younger (16 & 17) and she wanted to wait till she was sure. They had planned for weeks. It was going to be in her bedroom so they figured they would cut school one friday and just have the house to themselves for a couple of hours.

Now Nick had gone the whole 9. Since they were 2 broke Highschool kids Nick had packed a picnic basket. He figured it would be as romantic as they could afford to get. He had even stolen a bottle of wine from his parents collection. They were in the middle of Nora's bedroom sitting on the floor eating sandwiches and drinking wine. This was not Nick’s first time but it was Nora’s and he planned to make it as special as he could.

As with all plans things don’t always go the way they should. Nora's mom had locked her keys in her car. So Nora’s dad had run home on his lunch break to pick up the spare keys. So when the 2 teens had gotten naked and in bed together making out they didn’t hear the dad drive up. They did hear him open the door though. With a quick look out her window Nora realized her dad was home.

Nick thinking quickly said. “if he comes up here pretend to be sick.” Nick quickly piled everything in the blanket including the half drank bottle of wine and most of his clothes while Norah tossed her clothes in her closet and started putting on pajamas. He then jumped out the window. Fortunately Norah’s window was right over the roof that covered the porch. Unfortunately the roof was slippery. So now Nick is naked sliding off of the roof with what looks like a blanket full of stolen goods.

Nick fall/jumps drops of the porch roof and lands just next to Nora’s father’s car. Nick tried to get dress but he realized 2 important things. One, everything is covered in wine and 2 he had grabbed Norahs clothes by accident. When Nick told me this story he said the next thing he did was the most brilliant and stupid thing he had done in his life. He ran into the back yard and hid in the dog house.

He figured that Nora’s father would be in and out. Nope. Nora was too good at pretending to be sick. Her father decided to take the rest of the day off and dote on his little girl. Nick was in the dog house for 3 hours. Not until Nora’s father left to drop off the keys he had come home for. Five minutes later Nick was knocking on the back door wrapped in a blanket.

Now Nora had no idea that Nick was still around. She just thought he had left and went home. This was back in the 80’s so they didn’t have cell phones to text each other. So she was a little confused when she found nick there.

“What are you doing? Why do you smell like that?” Nora Asked.

“Our clothes got mixed up. I had to hide in the dog House.”

“Oh god! I’m so sorry!!! I thought you went home.”

“I can’t, my wallet and keys are in my pants. Get me my clothes quick and I’ll get out of here. I’ll call you when I get home.”

Nick walked to his car a beaten man. He was kicking himself because he really wanted their first time to be special. His first time had been a disaster and he didn’t want that for Nora. and on top of that his car had a ticket on it.

Except it wasn’t a ticket. It was a note from Nora’s Dad.

Sorry things didn’t work out the way you planned. Saw you hide in Rusty’s dog house. Figured I would have some fun and mess with your head. Me and the misses are going out next weekend. Wear condoms or I will bury you next to where I buried Rusty.

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