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Zombieland Review

While I am not a big fan of horror movies I really enjoyed Zombieland. The movie surrounds the adventures of a young man nicknamed Columbus (played by Jessie Eisenberg) who has developed rules for surviving Zombieland. As the movie unfolds you realize that this is a different type of zombie movie. The first thing you notice is the cinematography, as Columbus describes his rules for survival various flashbacks and the use of animated text you are warned that this movie is just going to be a roller coaster of fun and destruction.

The next thing you notice is that Columbus is not your typical hero, his rules are just structured cowardice so that he can survive. While he is alive, he is also very alone and not only has no one after the virus hit but also had no one before the virus hit.

Most importantly this movie is just fun. Its not a political commentary. It's not a reimagining of a classic. It's a thin story more suited for a video game that relies on it's humor and horror to entertain and it does so with out apology.

With scenes of little Zombie girls attacking a soccer Mom or a zombie stripper chasing after patrons you can't help to have the bar set high for the movies silliness factor and this movie does not disappoint.

Action scenes that are impossibly over the top and a kick ass red neck stereo types (Woody Harrelson) are just a small part of what makes Zombieland so great. The truth is that this movie takes it's cue from one of my all time favorite TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There's comedy, there's action and there's even a sprinkle of drama that you don't expect but is actually quite touching. It combines these elements in an unexpected way but entertains none the less

All in all I would say this movie was a pleasant surprise and I highly recommend it.

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