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Team Kaiju

What would you do if you woke up one day to find out that you're more than human? What would you do if you never wanted any of the special abilities? What if you were supposed to fight the monsters in the dark, but you weren't sure if you were a monster yourself? Welcome to the world of Team Kaiju! A horrible accident transforms Amy and Tom from normal college kids to superhuman armored crime fighters. Their sole purpose in life is to fight the monsters that go bump in the night.  The main problem is that people think they are monsters themselves. They are joined by Sarah, James and the mighty Kaiju Battle Suit in their quest to rid the world of the monsters.


Issue 1

Story Tellers Wilson Ramos-Jr. & Eric Rivera
Pencils by Wilson Ramos-Jr. & Tim Smith 3
Inks by Rich Perotta
Colors by Wombat Studios
Letters by Dave Sharpe
Cover by Fred Haynes,Rich Perotta & Tom Chu

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