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Why Section 8?

A lot of times we get asked why we named the comic book division Section 8 Comics. The answer is simple: comics are our first love. We do podcasts, web strips, and we have even done some videos, but comics will always be our home. So picking a name was a tricky thing, and we have a lot of reasons for Section 8, but the truth all has to do with The TV show M.A.S.H. I have to be honest, when I was a kid, I HATED this show. It was too smart for me. Watching it now as an adult I can see how great the writing is. Back then I was just a dumb kid growing up in the pre-cable Bronx and I didn’t have many choices. It ran for 11 years and it seemed to be everywhere in syndication. When given the choice of News or MASH, MASH was the lesser of two evils.

There was one saving grace on the show for a kid my age: Corporal (later Sergeant) Maxwell Q. Klinger. Klinger was this guy in a dress, and for a kid that’s funny. He was over the top and always trying to get out of the army, but somehow he always seemed to do the right thing. He would do whatever he needed to to help the Doctors and Nurses, but all he wanted was a Section 8. A Section 8 was this Magical thing that symbolized freedom to him. If he just had the Section 8 he could go home. He could be with his wife. He could go watch his favorite baseball team, the Toledo Mud Hens. He would be happy because people weren’t trying to kill him in some ungodly war.

But you had to be crazy to get a Section 8, and craziness is what this company is about. When you think to yourself ‘I want to put together a comic book and go up against Spiderman, Batman and every other book out there,’ you have some hope. When you do all the extra stuff like marketing and promoting because you want to try and carve out a small piece for yourself, you realize it’s a crazy task…. but being crazy is ok. In fact, when you get down to it, crazy is just not believing the same thing everyone else does. Wilson and I had stories to tell and we believed they were worth reading. We found other people who liked our stories who helped us and in turn they had stories of their own and we helped them. Together we carved out this small part of the internet for us. We call it the 8 Spot because we don’t do just comics, but never forget It always Started with Comics.

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