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Mezco Wants All of My Money

So Toy Fair 2016 happened last weekend, and while a lot of really cool stuff showed up (I'm looking at you, DC Icons) what really won my heart was a reveal that came just before the show, Mezco Toyz' expansion of their One:12 Collective line of action figures. Think of Hot Toys, with their remarkable likenesses and cloth outfits, only shrunk down to a 1/12 scale, a size similar to Marvel Legends.

The One: 12 Collective first showed up early last year when Mezco revealed their Dark Knight Returns Batman.

I was late to the party on this one, and its $65 price has ballooned on the secondary market since it's release, but even more than that it was never an aesthetic I was particularly drawn to. I was safe for a moment.

Next came Dredd.

And his Lawmaster...

This is some fantastic stuff, it really is, but I've just never been a big enough fan of Judge Dredd to drop this kind of scratch on collectibles of him. Damn it looks good, though... but safe again! At SDCC 2015 they revealed some stuff that really did catch my attention, though:

They had my full attention now. They're expensive, but they're damn nice. Could I resist? I mean, I didn't need these, right? The Space Ghost and Frankenstein are very well done, but not quite my cup o' tea. Easy passes. That Superman and Flash, tho...

And then, about a month ago, they showed off this:

And this...

And I am ruined. They are $75 each, but these pieces are so fantastic that I need to have them. I will have them. I have already pre-ordered them at Bigbadtoystore. Dammit.

And then the floodgates opened.

"Hello, Wells Fargo? I need to apply for a loan..."

Seriously, everything this company is putting out in this line looks top-notch. Is it worth the price they're asking? That all depends on how crazy you are.

As for myself, I picture myself living in a cardboard box some time in the future surrounded by 1/12 scale action figures in cloth costumes for warmth.

Dammit. We can't even pretend these aren't dolls anymore, can we?

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