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Choose Your Apocalypse

Saw a Facebook post about the "upcoming" robot apocalypse now that Japan has accepted USA's challenge to a robot fight.

It got me thinking I have mentally thought of ways to survive various apocalypses

Below are just a few random ideas of how I would do.

Robot Uprising - Not a problem. With my computer/cellphone/tablet/xbox and all my other devices, I am already one of their minions. Together we shall strike against the dreaded Amish.

Zombie - I'm dead. I want to be Daryl from walking dead but let's be honest I'm the fat guy from Shaun of the Dead.

Meteor - Well this will be fun if we know about it. Cause I figure the world will just turn into a party till it ends and I'll just have people over and BBQ.

Alien Invasion - too many factors to come up with one plan. I figure that one I'll wing it. I mean depending on the aliens they can die from a cold. I just have to wait and plan for that one.

No matter what, I am not getting anally probed!!!

There is no reason for that!!!

You ain't finding the answers to the universe in there!!!

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