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The Hook Up Date Stories - The Crazy Girl and the Cabbie

When I started The Hook Up I knew I wanted to add stories too. So I reached out to friends to tell me about funny date stories they have had. Some were a little too creepy to use but some were some awesome gems. Like the one below.

John went out with Jane. They met in Queens and took a cab to Manhattan, when they got there Jane started arguing with the cabbie, who was a 6’5 Nigerian, and Jane is a 5’2″ white girl. John being a gentleman has already agreed to pay for the cab. Yet Jane continues to fight with the cabbie that the price is too expensive, John tries to tell her don’t worry about it, and she starts yelling at the cabbie some more. John thinking the best thing is to just get out of the cab comes over to her side and gets her out of the cab. Standing by the drivers side yelling at the cab driver is not enough for Jane, so she pulls back and clocks the cabbie in the face!

That’s right she punched the cabbie and is trying to jump in the drivers side window to get some more licks in.

James pulls her off, throws $40 at the cabbie, and the cabbie is nice enough to not hit a woman back, so leaves. Needless to say, there was no Second date.

As always the names have been changed to protect me from slander... or is the web liable? Either way don't sue.

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