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Section 8 Tries to go To Boston

Last year at the Boston Comic Con Wilson, Marc and Myself had a ball. So much so that when we started mapping out the cons we wanted to do for this year there was no doubt we wanted to do this show. When the tragedy of the Boston Marathon occurred we all got together and discussed it. I was adamant that we go but I would not begrudge anyone who decided not to go. Having Lived up close and personal with September 11th I understand the trip could be disturbing but I felt that if the show was going to still go on how could we not go. It’s not a bravery thing it was more along the line of showing support to the people of Boston and part of me just thought that the chances of another event happening so soon in the same area would be unlikely. I mean the Marathon explosion happened a few blocks away from the convention so the entire area was a crime scene. I figured the security would probably be the safest I would ever be.

Both Wilson and Marc were fine with still doing the show. Again it’s not a bravery thing as much as we don’t want fear of the unknown to stop us from living our lives. So when I went to bed Thursday night I could not imagine what I would wake up to. I had received texts from friends and family asking if I was in boston already cause as one text put it. “They are Tossing grenades all over Boston.” A quick conversation with WIlson and Marc and we decide on a plan. We will visit Connecticut. We would stop off at the halfway point and hang out while we got more news and honestly we all felt like well if they caught one last night they should catch the other soon. By soon we are thinking a few hours. The lockdown of Boston should be done by noon... 1:00 tops.

I consult my TV Food maps ap and find us a burger joint that is about the halfway point a place called Corey's Catsup & Mustard. This place was great. We got there around Noon and we had to wait 30 minutes to be seated. ON A FRIDAY!!! The food was delicious and for a few hours we forgot about the Boston craziness and just had fun. After we were done we discovered that Boston is still on lock down but the convention hasn’t been cancelled, so lets cancel our hotel reservation, go check out a movie and if the convention is still going on we will just grab a cheap hotel tonight and go to Boston in the morning.

Watching Olympus Has Fallen when you are worried about a terrorist threat.. it’s a bad idea. I think I would have normally enjoyed the movie but given the subject matter and the content I was just like. “NO, NO, NO!!! That would never happen!!!” Now I read comics, I watch Cartoons, I routinely watch movies that have questionable logic but I couldn’t do that here. Think about that, I never let the absurdity of Fast Five pull me out of the movie but I couldn’t accept the first 20 minutes of Olympus Has Fallen. Maybe in a few years I can watch it again and appreciate it, who knows?

After the movie we get an email telling us that the Convention has been cancelled and what little news we were getting says the lockdown may go into tomorrow. I want to show my support for Boston but not by getting stuck in Traffic. So we call the whole trip a bust and cancel are remaining reservation. Not wanting to hit Friday night Traffic we hang out in a mall in Manchester (for the Free Wi-FI) and kill time. While there we hear they caught Dzokhar Tsarnaev... on a boat??? You have to understand at this point we were a little punchy and the idea of him being on a boat just caused us to laugh. I DON’T KNOW WHY!!! I think it was more of an emotional relief that it was over. Our plans for the weekend had been screwed up but at least this bastard was caught.

The Boston comic con is only postponed and they are planning to reschedule barring any conflicts Section 8 WILL BE THERE!!! We love the town, we love the fans, and this con was so much fun we want to do it again every year.

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