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Trailers for Zach Snyder's "Man of Steel"

Take a moment to watch the two new Man of Steel teasers. The visuals are the same, but each one has a different voiceover.

Let me start with what I don't like. I think it's bad that your audience goes at least twenty seconds into it without realizing what the hell it's for. It wasn't until I saw Kevin Costner's face that it dawned on my dumb ass. Also, Gorton's fisherman Clark Kent has me scratching my head. Those scenes reminded me of Bruce's journey in Batman Begins, and I hope there aren't any more similarities than that.What I do like about these trailers is the emphasis placed on Kal-El's biological and adoptive fathers. These are (usually) the first men any of us know in our lives, and what they say and do can affect us in profound ways. The choice to do these trailers like this gives me the impression that Snyder wants to explore what an influence these voices have on our lives.I won't say I'm hyped to see this movie. Superman Returns was enough of a cluster**** to nibble down my expectations. At this point I'm more excited about a movie Marvel just announced starring a talking raccoon and a tree. But my mind is a little more open to seeing Clark Kent up on the big screen again. In time I may even be able to forget the open wound of a movie that introduced us to Stalker-Superman.

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