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Not That Lonely Yet

So I was traveling the internet and found this wonderful little gem. Apparently it's a device that can be used to record and simulate kisses. So that you can send them over distances. They are even talking about having celebrities upload there kisses and fans can buy them for a small fee.

Have we lost our minds?!? I mean seriously. Kissing isn't about sex, It's a display of love and affection. Now we want to digitize it to send it to people. What if you e-mail it to the wrong person are you cheating? You know that argument is coming. Years from now when they perfect the machine some girl is going to walk in and say I saw you sent a digital kiss to so and so. HOW COULD YOU!!! You know I hate her!! We're Done!!! If you think I am exaggerating you never dated a crazy woman.

And who thinks playing with a straw is the same as making out with a girl. If that's the case any girl who has a milkshake from McDonald's is cheating on her boyfriend.

Look I may be lonely and spend my weekends like the video below but even I know this is just wrong. (By the way this video is awesome.)

by "Sir" Eric

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