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Skyline Review

Strange lights descend on the city of Los Angeles, drawing people outside like moths to a flame where an extraterrestrial force threatens to swallow the entire human population off the face of the Earth.

That is the synopsis on IMDB. for The movie skyline. The real synopsis should have been “Movie shines bright lights and blows shit up just to take your money away.” I’m not a huge Monster movie fan. Some I like, some I don’t, but I just felt this movie was so lacking in direction and plot that I really didn’t care about the characters. I had more fun finding similarities to other movie, not that that was exactly fun just something to do while I killed time waiting for the movie to end.

You start off the movie being introduced to a couple from New York , played by Eric Balfour and Scottie Thompson, that you realize are having problems but you are not quite sure what the problems are other than maybe vague money problem. I think Jarrod (Balfour) was suppose to be an artist who was visiting a friend in LA who has made it big doing special affects in LA played by Donald Faison. But again this all unclear, you know the 2 of them used to do graffiti when they were younger but you never know if Jarrod is still an artist or not. When Terry (Faison) offers Jarrod a job you are never quite sure why Elaine (Thompson) reacts so badly. I mean if he is struggling and they need the money what’s the problem? Take the job. If he is not struggling why does Jarrod look so depressed all the time. I just never got a feel for the characters And quite frankly I never card.

See the movie never makes you feel for these people because they feel like copy of other characters. It’s almost as if the filmmakers decided hey here are some people feel bad for them as we chase them with monsters. What do you mean you don’t care about 5 random people at a party in LA who are being chased by monsters? You cared about them in Cloverfield didn’t you?

This is the same movie we just moved it to LA. Oh don’t worry we have a twist at the end so we can make sequels. Probably going straight to video but you’ll watch them... You know you will.

Overall I would say the movie is not really worth checking out unless you happen to catch it on some cable channel, late at night, when you can’t sleep and your only other choice is a Carrot Top marathon.

Final Grade: D+

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