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Heroes: Redemption Episode 1 (Spoilerific)

I was actually looking forward to the season premier of Castle more than I was Heroes tonight. Nathan Fillion dressing up as a serial killer to meet his daughter's prom date? Priceless. But my computer's been mad at me and working well today, so I thought I'd see what the Petrelli's were up to tonight. I wasn't really expecting Heroes to pull out of its death-spiral. Here's how it did it:

1. Matt/Sylar - This was brilliant. It's like someone on Heroes saw Star Trek and realized that Zachary Quinto really is an actor. He gave Sylar more personality tonight than over the last three seasons, and I'm seeing that none of that was his fault. It reminded me of Farscape, where the main character has a neural clone of his nemesis in his head. Sylar's taunting was definitely the high-point of tonight.

2. Peter - Very Spider-man, but I'm okay with that. It's almost like a reboot of the character, taking him back to where he belongs so they can take him to more interesting places later more naturally. His obsession doesn't come off so well for me, though, but it doesn't hold the story back. Maybe if he explained it by talking about his father instead of the vague "company" it would have been more convincing. I especially loved his simple "Why not let them have it" argument to Noah.

3. Claire - This is one of the first times since season-friggin' one where I haven't felt as if Claire was a drag on the narrative. And there's really something off about her new roommate.

4. Noah - Christ, this guy's been through a lot. Much of it his own doing, but still... I really need them to give me a reason for why he's still doing this, because as of right now I have no clue.

There was one thing that didn't work so well for me, though. Nathan/Sylar. Leave this one alone. No need to bring it to a boil so damn quickly. Let this one simmer. It felt like they were rushing it a little tonight, and I didn't need that.

In conclusion... I haven't felt this interested in Heroes in a while and I'm looking forward to next week. And in case you're wondering I'm a little neutral on the Hiro plot.

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