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The Expendables

Okay so I just discovered a new action movie slated to come out in 2010. The Expendables, written an directed by Sylvester Stallone. Now many people assume that Stallone is just a dumb action hero but the truth is that Stalone is actually a talented writer who got lazy. He was able to get by for a while on his rep and his physique but in later years he’s gone back to basics and started writing solid stories.

All that aside I have no idea if this new movie will be any good but I am sold on the cast alone. This movie reminds me of the dirty dozen where every action hero they can think of is being brought in for this movie. Besides Stallone Listed actors are Jet Li, Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lundgren, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Eric Roberts, Arnold Schwarzenegger and there is even a rumour that Bruce willis will be in the movie. The Theater has my 12 dollar. The movie could be the above actors just sitting in a bar discussing the political ramifications of legalizing pot I would still see this movie. Granted this movie is apealing to my childhood but who cares as long as the movie is entertaining.

Check out the full cast at the IMDB.

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