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The clip below is a little accident that happened during a prank war at the Wizard Con at Philly '08. It started at the Chili's near the convention center. I sent my check to the table that JP, Bryant, Julien and Marc were eating at. They, in response, sent their check to our table, a check that was about 3 times the amount I had originally sent to the kiddie table.

In retaliation I walked over and slapped the bill on Julien's forehead where it stayed glued to his forehead.

The next day Marc and the rest decided to make it look like someone had broke into the room and stolen our stuff. In actuality they just made a mess.

After I stopped laughing at the mess they made, I put on an angry face and yelled at them and read them the riot act so they would clean the room. Later that night while Wilson, D, Tom Chu and Lanky were watching a Star Wars movie I sneaked into the other hotel room and stole all there soap, shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste. When they discovered this the next morning they accused Lanky of betraying them to the other room, than they took the following steps.

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