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Know The Rules

The 8 Spot Rules: Always check the gun before playing. Never give JP a gun. (Bryant's Law) Do not give Bryant hard liquor. No dating Elizabeth. Travel rules: You can not call shotgun unless you are in sight of the car. You do not have to see the car just be capable of seeing the car. Shotgun can not fall asleep, he has to keep the driver awake. Driver (Not the owner) of the car can veto Shotgun for 2 reasons. 1) Driver has a preferred navigator when going on a road trip with unfamiliar directions. 2) Sex. Eric & Wilson can veto a shotgun call if business needs to be discussed. Con Rules: During a convention if things are going badly a trip to a strip club is necessary. What happens at a con stays at a con, unless it makes the news. No hitting the "fans." Hitting on the fans is perfectly fine. No drinking before a business meeting. During is fine and after is sometimes necessary. No cursing in front of small children. Fuck everybody else. If a fan is an asshole, it is ok to verbally bitch slap them just do not physically bitch slap them. Work rules: No playing Halo during work hours. Work hours are hours when you are not playing Halo.

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