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Dark Bloods

Check out this one shot as you see how the twins didn't just stumble onto the world of the Dark Bloods - It was their destiny.  A mysterious race known as Dark Bloods walk among us, they prey on the weak and feast on the souls of the innocent. There is nothing in this world that they fear... till now. The Shepherd twins have grown up on different sides of the law - one a cop, the other a crook. But when their mother is killed in what appears to be a robbery gone wrong, they find themselves brought into the world of the Dark Bloods. However, the Shepherd twins have a few tricks up their sleeves; some tricks that even the twins are unaware that they have.

Script by: Eric Rivera
Pencils by: D. Douglass
Inks by: Wilson Ramos-Jr.
Colors by: LJ Hansen
Letters by: Wilson Ramos-Jr.


Available on Comixology and IndyPlanet

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