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  • Diversity in comics can be found if you really look.

    Saw this link on facebook. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/these-comic-book-super-fans-couldnt-name-7-superheroes-of-color_us_561e7e76e4b028dd7ea600ee

    "While new characters of color have been introduced into the mainstream comic book world in the last in the last few years, diversity among comics is clearly still lacking."

    Take about bull, Diversity in comic isn't lacking, Your not doing your homework, "There isn't enough Diversity in Main Stream comics" is what you mean to say. Now we do see it changing, Slowly.

    Now the indie market is all about Diversity! it's about the comics people ain't getting anywhere else. Alas, most fans are ignore the people making the difference.To the media, there are only two comic companies Marvel and DC and they are the ones that needs to make changes? No, If people really want diversity, (and I can argue a lot of people say they do, but they really don't.) they can find it. Here a list of companies you can find easily, they have books on their website or in Comixology. Darkstrom Comics, Action Lab Studios, New Paradigm Studios, image comics, Committed Comics, Section 8 Comics, Red Anvil press. I can go on but those are 8 off the top of my head not counting the artists that are working on their own. The women in Comics convention that when on this weekend many of the people there are doing comic books under their own banners. http://wincnyc.wix.com/womenincomicsnyc . Changes are happing, hard work is being done by artists all over the place, you can find them if you just try looking a little harder. Sure it's easy to walk into a comic shop and HOPE the big two do will make somthing for you, but they don't make the change unless they are shamed into doing it, or if they see a way to make a quick buck. If you look I bet you find what you want in the Indie Market. and if by chance you don't...Then make the comic yourself, it's hardwork but it can be done.



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