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Empire State Comic Con Interviews.

April 16, 2018

No, I Don't Want to be Rich

April 14, 2018

So I was working a Convention in a museum with my Business Partner.  As soon as Wilson left the table for a moment this rather studious looking gentle...

Wilson gets Interviewed.

April 13, 2018

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February 20, 2016

So Toy Fair 2016 happened last weekend, and while a lot of really cool stuff showed up (I'm looking at you, DC Icons) what really won my heart was a reveal that came just before the show, Mezco Toyz' expansion of their One:12 Collective line of action figures. Think of...

February 15, 2016


I’ve seen a superhero movie that I felt perfectly captured the true essence of its character just three times in my life. The first was Spider-man 2. No, the Raimi one, not that other piece of crap. From the everyday trials that Peter Parker must overcome to the reali...

February 3, 2016

If your a fan of anything sci-fi, comics, fantasy...etc you run into Ancient Egypt. Tons of stories have come from this land of Magic and mystery. In comics, movies and any other form of optical entertainment we associate the look of these stories with the sandy badge...

November 20, 2015

So a friend of mine, “Lee”, received a text from a girl he had met a few times asking him out.  “Lee” was hesitant because he didn’t think they had much in common but decided why the hell not? He might be wrong,  plus she put herself out there by asking him out and fig...

November 13, 2015

Since I started The Hook Up I get into a lot of conversations about bad dates.  One time there was a group of about 8 people, some who had met for the first time, others were old friends and when it got to be my friend “Grimm’s” turn this is the Story he told:

“OK You g...

November 2, 2015

We are now in the season where TV shows are canceled. I have a few on that list and once again they are shows that has a lot of fans and yet the networks don't want to keep it going. One of the shows I watch got a "final" episode that closed up the story line but didn'...

November 2, 2015

  I wanted to write serious comic books. Books that made you feel like there were real people behind the masks. I wanted villains you could empathize with to a degree, or at the very least understand, with more motivation than just being a bad person. I wanted real peo...

October 4, 2015

So with the New York Comic Con starting this Thursday Here is a small list of friends of Seciton 8 Comics that are worth a visit. 

They are doing some great stuff of their own. So remember our booth is # 2339 in the main hall and don't forget to vistit our buddies!!!


October 3, 2015

Ah, the mouth expressions, sometimes it easy to forget that the mouth does move, I'm guilty of just doing a open mouth in many drawing, we (artist) have to remember to keep a library of images to look at and keep in mind that we need to add just a little thing to make...

July 7, 2015

Saw a Facebook post about the "upcoming" robot apocalypse now that Japan has accepted USA's challenge to a robot fight. 

It got me thinking I have mentally thought of ways to survive various apocalypses

Below are just a few random ideas of how I would do.

Robot Uprising -...

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