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The Hook Up - Date Stories - Small World

Since I started The Hook Up I get into a lot of conversations about bad dates. One time there was a group of about 8 people, some who had met for the first time, others were old friends and when it got to be my friend “Grimm’s” turn this is the Story he told:

“OK You guys are not going to believe this but this guy I know “John” is a total loser and he told me about this. I could not believe he would admit to it, but why would anyone make this up. So John meets this girl at a party and they hit it off well and she invites him back to her place.”

“I don’t remember the girls name but John says she was beautiful and that they were having such a great time that he thought that he may get lucky.”

“They go back to her apartment and he realizes that something he ate just went through him and he has to use the bathroom. Now every guy has been in this situation, where they have to take the gamble and use a girls bathroom or cut the date short cause that is not really the first impression you want to make on a woman. Especially since you really don’t know the nature of the beast till you are sitting on the throne. That being the case John decides to risk it.”

So it seems this plumbing was not ready for John because he overflows the toilet. Now John starts freaking out. He grabs towels to stop the water while he looks for a plunger which apparently the girl doesn’t own. She has 50 different soaps and shampoos but no plunger. Rather than man up and tell the girl what happened he locks the bathroom door, lays a bunch of towels down and climbs out the bathroom window.”

At this all of us started saying “Bull!”, “No one would do that!” and “Come on!” All of us except “Jane” who says “No it’s true.”

“How do you know?” I asked

“Cause I paid over 600.00 to have everything fixed. After I had my neighbor break down the door.”

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