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Empire State Comic Con Interviews.

April 16, 2018

No, I Don't Want to be Rich

April 14, 2018

So I was working a Convention in a museum with my Business Partner.  As soon as Wilson left the table for a moment this rather studious looking gentle...

Wilson gets Interviewed.

April 13, 2018

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Who to see at the NYCC 2015

October 4, 2015

So with the New York Comic Con starting this Thursday Here is a small list of friends of Seciton 8 Comics that are worth a visit. 

They are doing some great stuff of their own. So remember our booth is # 2339 in the main hall and don't forget to vistit our buddies!!!

Tell Them Wilson sent yah! 


In no real order! 

booth 1257 Representing Guild Works Publications 

booth 111 Alpha Godz 

Booth 215 Camilla d’Errico

booth 1138 Red Anvil Comics

booth 1170 Kodoja 

booth 2266 Topps

artist Alley b18 Michael Golden

artist Alley B9 Larry Hama

artist Alley B8 Tom Lyle

artist Alley C1 Lee Weeks

artist Alley C2 Bret Blevins

artist Alley C9 Alex Saviuk

artist Alley CC12 Mark Morales

artist Alley CC4 Sandu Florea 

artist Alley D4 Jacob Chabot & Brian Smith

at artist Alley E18 Mike Lilly

at artist Alley H11 Brandon Montclare

at artist Alley H15 Alitha Martinez

at artist Alley i4 Brain Kong

at artist Alley i9 Emilio Lopez

at artist Alley k8 Andy Schmidt 

at artist Alley T6 Buzz

at artist Alley V1 Jim Calafiore

at artist Alley V3 Tom Raney

at artist Alley W3 Tim Smith 3

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