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gaidoxinSection 8 Comics is the Home of Gaido Xin, Star's Edge, Ninja Mouse and many more.  

Wilson Ramos-Jr and Eric Rivera came together to create a company where the creators had more freedome.  Where art and words share in the story telling.  A long the way the have met many other creators.  They have produced Web comics, a Podcast and even a few videos but their first love is and always will be comics.   


comixologyAvailable on Comixology  

 As indie creators Section 8 comics is dedicated to getting our stories out there and as such we have made our books available on Comixology.  Comixology is a digital platform that allows you to download digital comics directly to your computer, tablet or smart phone.



All Star Staff

Section 8 comics has been lucky to work with some of the best artists in the industry. Headed by Wilson Ramos-jr and Eric Rivera, who combined have over 30 years of experince making comics, Section 8 comics has made some great books both for themselves and helping other studios/companies


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