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Where it All Started-The birth of AWIP

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So a couple of years back I had a job very similar to that of the young protagonist in the Strip. During that period, I would fill the quiet time with surfing the web, and reading short stories and some other webcomics; such as Something PositiveOrder of the Stick, and Girls with Slingshots to name a few. I forget which new webcomic I had come across but I had mentioned it to my brother to check one out and said it was pretty decent.

My brother, true to form, went on a rant on how his life is so busy that he could not be bothered with something else to read. Then he said something that actually intrigued me:
“If you want me to read a comic, write it.”

Well why the hell not? I fancy myself to be a decent writer, albeit a lazy and easily distracted one, but a writer none the less. Lazy as characterized as the webcomic has been up for about a month and its taking me this long to write a mere handful of letters as an introduction. So with those encouraging words I sat down and within an hour I had written 10 4-panel comic strips…

I then realized that I had blatantly ripped off Waterson and wrote about a little boy with an imaginary stuffed Velociraptor and had titled it “Melvin and Bob”. In fear of severe and unnecessary litigation, I abandoned that project and started working on “A Work in Progress”.

The concept of these 2 characters appeals to me in different ways and I hope will appeal to you in some manner. Enjoy.

“It's only work if somebody makes you do it” -Calvin