Randy Allen - Tall and good looking a year ago Randy  was recently on top of the world.  He moved in with girl of his dreams, Nicole Mierin, He had a good job while most of his friends had none or took 3 jobs to support themselves.  Flash Forward a year and... well Read the first strip.

Matt Cotton - Matt is a player, a hustler and a smooth talker.  He has a “Unique” view on relationships but does have a twisted sense of honor and a set of rules he has for relationships.

Grayson A. Perez - Grayson Used to be Matt’s Roommate and went to highschool with Mindy. Greyson is a jack of all trades and has multiple jobs. 

Mindy Shaw - She works in a New Age shop with her 2 aunts while she looks for work. She is an artist and went to school for graphic design but hasn't gotten a break yet. Her friends Izzy and Ellie are constantly trying to get her to go out more.

Isabella “Izzy” Spears -  She has gone back to school to study to be a teacher after taking a few years off to sow her wild oats. She is currently in a long distance relationship with Tom.

Elaine "Ellie" Kard - Daughter of John and Maureen Kard one of the wealthiest families in NY. Ellie tries hard not to be spoiled and moved in with Mindy and Izzy so she could stand on her own 2 feet. She is currently working for a magazine as an assistant editor.