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Patreon updates for the week

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Join out Patroen and you get previews like this. 


Below is a Panel from out upcoming book SJC: The Bren werks initative.  BrenWorks Story 01 Page 01

Below is the pencils and Inks from an upcoming strip of the Hook up. 

Patreon Strip 87

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The 8 Spot is on Patreon

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For the last few years we have produced multiple online comic strips, a Youtube channel, a podcast, and we are always looking for more ways to get our work out there.

You can help us do that by suporting us on Patreon.

Coming up with a good story is not enough, you need to advertise it, spread awareness, and basically just find an audience. People need to know where to buy our books and see our videos, so in hopes of being able to expand our market we are turning to our fans for support. With your help we can produce more content, do more conventions and even have The 8 Spot grow and hire more creators.  

So What is Patreon?  

I could go into a long detail but Patreon has already done the work for us.  

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Choose Your Apocalype

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Saw a Facebook post about the "upcoming" robot apocalypse now that Japan has accepted USA's challenge to a robot fight. 


It got me thinking I have mentally thought of ways to survive various apocalypses

Below are just a few random ideas of how I would do.

Robot Uprising - Not a problem. With my computer/cellphone/tablet/xbox and all my other devices, I am already one of their minions. Together we shall strike against the dreaded Amish.

Zombie - I'm dead. I want to be Daryl from walking dead but lets be honest I'm the fat guy from Shaun of the Dead.

Meteor - Well this will be fun if we know about it. Cause I figure the world will just turn into a party till it ends and I'll just have people over and BBQ.

Alien Invasion - too many factors to come up with one plan. I figure that one I'll wing it. I mean depending on the aliens they can die from a cold. I just have to wait and plan for that one.

No matter what, I am not getting anally probed!!!

There is no reason for that!!!

You ain't finding the answers to the universe in there!!!

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The 8 Spot's Awesome Mix

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So after seeing Guardians of the Galaxy the 8 Spot guys fell in love with the soundtrack.  So we all decided to make our own Awesome Mix.  

The rules are simple.  

  • You can't use a song that's already in the movie.  
  • The song had to have come out after 1966 and before 1983.
  • Have fun.

 The crew came up with some great lists.  Here they are.  

My Mix
1.        Higher Ground - Stevie Wonder 
2.        The Boys Are Back in Town - The Bus Boys (Not The Thin Lizzy Version)  
3.        Blitzkrieg Bop - The ramones
4.        Dance to the Music - Sly and the Family Stone
5.        In the Summer Time - Mungo Jerry 
6.        Blinded by the light - Mannfred Mann
7.        Earth Wind & Fire - September
8.        Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Davis 
9.        Schools out - Alice Cooper
10.      Another Brick in the Wall  - Pink Floyd 
Fernando's Mix 
1.       Tears of a Clown - Smokey Robinson

2.       Let’s get it on - Marvin Gaye
3.       Working my way back to you babe - The Spinners
4.       Under Pressure - David Bowie/Queen
5.       Joy to the World - 3 Dog Night
6.       Fantasy - Earth Wind & Fire
7.       Tonight’s the Night - Rod Stewart
8.       River Deep Mountain High - Ike/Tina Turner
9.       I'm a believer - The Monkees  
10.     Rock n Roll All Night - Kiss

Marc's Mix 
1.       Alison - Elvis Costello
2.       Flirting with Disaster - Molly Hatchet
3.       September - Earth Wind & Fire
4.       Trouble Man - Marvin Gaye
5.       Superstition - Stevie Wonder
6.       Eminence Front - The Who 
7.       Cloud 9 - Temptations
8.       Rush - Working Man
9.       Two Hearts- Stephanie Mills & Teddy Pendergrass
10.     Somebody to love - Jefferson Airplane
Jason's Mix 
1.       I Want to Take You Higher - Sly and the Family Stone
2.       Fool in the Rain - Led Zeppelin
3.       Don't Stop Believin'- Journey
4.       Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
5.       I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor
6.       Point of Know Return - Kansas
7.       Closer to the Heart - Rush
8.       Once in a Lifetime - Talking Heads
9.       Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees
10.     The Passenger - Iggy Pop
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Why Section 8?

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A lot of times we get asked why we named the comic book division Section 8 Comics.  The answer is simple: comics are our first love. We do podcasts, web strips, and we have even done some videos, but comics will always be our home. So picking a name was a tricky thing, and we have a lot of reasons for Section 8, but the truth all has to do with The TV show M.A.S.H. I have to be honest, when I was a kid, I HATED this show. It was too smart for me. Watching it now as an adult I can see how great the writing is. Back then I was just a dumb kid growing up in the pre-cable Bronx and I didn’t have many choices. It ran for 11 years and it seemed to be everywhere in syndication. When given the choice of News or MASH, MASH was the lesser of two evils.   

There was one saving grace on the show for a kid my age: Corporal (later Sergeant) Maxwell Q. Klinger. Klinger was this guy in a dress, and for a kid that’s funny. He was over the top and always trying to get out of the army, but somehow he always seemed to do the right thing. He would do whatever he needed to to help the Doctors and Nurses, but all he wanted was a Section 8. A Section 8 was this Magical thing that symbolized freedom to him. If he just had the Section 8 he could go home. He could be with his wife. He could go watch his favorite baseball team, the Toledo Mud Hens. He would be happy because people weren’t trying to kill him in some ungodly war.  

But you had to be crazy to get a Section 8, and craziness is what this company is about. When you think to yourself ‘I want to put together a comic book and go up against Spiderman, Batman and every other book out there,’ you have some hope.  When you do all the extra stuff like marketing and promoting because you want to try and carve out a small piece for yourself, you realize it’s a crazy task…. but being crazy is ok. In fact, when you get down to it, crazy is just not believing the same thing everyone else does. Wilson and I had stories to tell and we believed they were worth reading. We found other people who liked our stories who helped us and in turn they had stories of their own and we helped them. Together we carved out this small part of the internet for us. We call it the 8 Spot because we don’t do just comics, but never forget It always Started with Comics.   


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Section 8 Tries to go To Boston

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Last year at the Boston Comic Con Wilson, Marc and Myself had a ball.  So much so that when we started mapping out the cons we wanted to do for this year there was no doubt we wanted to do this show.  When the tragedy of the Boston Marathon occurred we all got together and discussed it.   I was adamant that we go but I would not begrudge anyone who decided not to go.  Having Lived up close and personal with September 11th I understand the trip could be disturbing but I felt that if the show was going to still go on how could we not go.   It’s not a bravery thing it was more along the line of showing support to the people of Boston and part of me just thought that the chances of another event happening so soon in the same area would be unlikely.  I mean the Marathon explosion happened a few blocks away from the convention so the entire area was a crime scene.   I figured the security would probably be the safest I would ever be.  

Both Wilson and Marc were fine with still doing the show.  Again it’s not a bravery thing as much as we don’t want fear of the unknown to stop us from living our lives.  So when I went to bed Thursday night I could not imagine what I would wake up to.  I had received texts from friends and family asking if I was in boston already cause as one text put it.  “They are Tossing grenades all over Boston.”   A quick conversation with WIlson and Marc and we decide on a plan.  We will visit Connecticut.  We would stop off at the halfway point and hang out while we got more news and honestly we all felt like well if they caught one last night they should catch the other soon.  By soon we are thinking a few hours. The lockdown of Boston should be done by noon... 1:00 tops.  

I consult my TV Food maps ap and find us a burger joint that is about the halfway point a place called Corey's Catsup & Mustard.  This place was great.  We got there around Noon and we had to wait 30 minutes to be seated.  ON A FRIDAY!!!  The food was delicious and for a few hours we forgot about the Boston craziness and just had fun.   After we were done we discovered that Boston is still on lock down but the convention hasn’t been cancelled, so lets cancel our hotel reservation, go check out a movie and if the convention is still going on we will just grab a cheap hotel tonight and go to Boston in the morning.     

Watching Olympus Has Fallen when you are worried about a terrorist threat..  it’s a bad idea.  I think I would have normally enjoyed the movie but given the subject matter and the content I was just like.  “NO, NO, NO!!! That would never happen!!!” Now I read comics, I watch Cartoons, I routinely watch movies that have questionable logic but I couldn’t do that here.  Think about that, I never let the absurdity of Fast Five pull me out of the movie  but I couldn’t accept the first 20 minutes of Olympus Has Fallen.  Maybe in a few years I can watch it again and appreciate it, who knows?

After the movie we get an email telling us that the Convention has been cancelled and what little news we were getting says the lockdown may go into tomorrow.   I want to show my support for Boston but not by getting stuck in Traffic.   So we call the whole trip a bust and cancel are remaining reservation.    Not wanting to hit Friday night Traffic we hang out in a mall in Manchester (for the Free Wi-FI) and kill time.  While there we hear they caught Dzokhar Tsarnaev... on a boat??? You have to understand at this point we were a little punchy and the idea of him being on a boat just caused us to laugh.  I DON’T KNOW WHY!!! I think it was more of an emotional relief that it was over.  Our plans for the weekend had been screwed up but at least this bastard was caught. 

The Boston comic con is only postponed and they are planning to reschedule barring any conflicts Section 8 WILL BE THERE!!!   We love the town, we love the fans, and this con was so much fun we want to do it again every year.  

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Not That Lonely Yet

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So I was traveling the internet and found this wonderful little gem.  Apparently it's a device that can be used to record and simulate kisses.  So that you can send them over distances.  They are even talking about having celebrities upload there kisses and fans can buy them for a small fee.


Have we lost our minds?!? I mean seriously.  Kissing isn't about sex, It's a display of love and affection. Now we want to digitize it to send it to people.  What if you e-mail it to the wrong person are you cheating?  You know that argument is coming.  Years from now when they perfect the machine some girl is going to walk in and say I saw you sent a digital kiss to so and so.  HOW COULD YOU!!! You know I hate her!! We're Done!!!  If you think I am exaggerating you never dated a crazy woman.

And who  thinks playing with a straw is the same as making out with a girl. If that's the case any girl who has a milkshake from McDonald's is cheating on her boyfriend.  

Look I may be lonely and spend my weekends like the video below but even I know this is just wrong.  (By the way this video is awesome.) 


by "Sir" Eric

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The Cape Vs Young Justice

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 I don’t like to judge a TV show till I have seen at least 3 episodes and when I realized that I would catch the third episode of The Cape and the third episode of Young Justice the same week it just seemed natural to compare both shows.  On the one hand you have a live action show on a major network that is an original concept… or is at least supposed to be an original concept.  On the other hand you have Young Justice not only does it have the source material of a DC Comic that ran for over 50 issues but can be viewed as just the newest in a series of cartoons that have all spun of from the 1990’s Batman Animated Series. Other great cartoons would include Batman Beyond, Justice League, Superman, Justice league Unlimited and Static Shock.  (Before anyone harasses me and says they are not spin offs I am referring to the fact that Batman’s success caused a surge in DC cartoons to be created.  All of who seem to share a cohesive universe) 

      Now if the internet is any indication I am following the crowd on this in that I find Young Justice to be a better-written show.  I normally hate to do that, but I can’t argue with reality.  The Cape is a series of highs and lows for me.  I enjoy the visual elements of the show, the vanishing effects, the use of the cape as a weapon, the look of the hero and the villain are all amazing.  Unfortunately the story has too many clichés, contradictions and inconsistencies.  In one episode he goes from nearly dead to a master illusionist, escape artist and fighter in what seems like a crazy weekend for him.  Had they made it seem like more time had passed for him I might buy it.  In the three episodes I watched I came up with about a few problems I had with the story that could have easily be rewritten to make the story more believable.  

  • If he is some sort of former military badass why not use guns.  One of the key things about classic heroes is they don’t kill and I get that the Cape is supposed to follow that thread but all I keep thinking is if this is a former soldier and a former cop why the hell doesn’t he use a gun. 
  • Why is he working with criminals and why are the criminals working with him.  The circus of crime is cool and all but I don’t get why they are working together.  Supposedly it was cause of The Capes access but the security would change after the first few robberies why does the circus keep him around?
  • If you were betrayed by your best friend wouldn’t you watch him.  See if he tries to do anything shady to your family.
  • Why reveal yourself as The Cape only to your son.  Now anyone he tells about “The Cape” is going to think he is crazy.
  • Why trust Orwell at all she got you screwed over and doesn’t trust you enough not to tell you her name when she knows everything about you. (And writers it’s not going to be a surprise when you reveal that Orwell is related to Chess, probably his daughter. Unless the writers change it at the last minute cause everyone already figured it out.)
  • How is he learning everything so fast? It seems like he becomes a master knife catcher in like an afternoon.  I will admit the scene was funny just not believable.

       Overall I don’t expect the cape last long, what is probably most disappointing is some executive is going to point to The Cape and say comic book shows don’t work.  The truth is this show will fail cause of bad writing and bad writing alone.  Meanwhile Young Justice is an excellent show that I hope lasts a long time.  The show is slowly developing but in such a good way that you are interested.  It has made some changes from the original source material but the changes to me feel like they are taking the best elements from the 80’s Teen titans series, the Young Justice comic book and the current Teen Titans series and combining them in such a way that I think the story is unfolding nicely.  

    Speedy not joining the team yet introing him and showing images of another arrowed theme female hero leads me to believe that Arrowette will be introduced soon.  This means not only is the team not complete at the end of the first episode but we are 3 episodes in and we still have not been introduced to the whole team.  I think this is being done to make sure that nothing feels rushed which is my main problem with The Cape.  It is sad that a cartoon geared at a younger audience is treating it’s viewers with more respect for their intelligence than a show on major network during prime time.

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Skyline Review

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Strange lights descend on the city of Los Angeles, drawing people outside like moths to a flame where an extraterrestrial force threatens to swallow the entire human population off the face of the Earth.

That is the synopsis on IMDB. for The movie skyline.  The real synopsis should have been “Movie shines bright lights and blows shit up just to take your money away.”  I’m not a huge Monster movie fan.  Some I like, some I don’t, but I just felt this movie was so lacking in direction and plot that I really didn’t care about the characters. I had more fun finding similarities to other movie, not that that was exactly fun just something to do while I killed time waiting for the movie to end.

You start off the movie being introduced to a couple from New York , played by Eric Balfour and Scottie Thompson, that you realize are having problems but you are not quite sure what the problems are other than maybe vague money problem.   I think Jarrod (Balfour) was suppose to be an artist who was visiting a friend in LA who has made it big doing special affects in LA played by Donald Faison.  But again this all unclear, you know the 2 of them used to do graffiti when they were younger but you never know if Jarrod is still an artist or not.  When Terry (Faison) offers Jarrod a job you are never quite sure why Elaine (Thompson) reacts so badly.  I mean if he is struggling and they need the money what’s the problem? Take the job. If he is not struggling why does Jarrod look so  depressed all the time.  I just never got a feel for the characters And quite frankly I never card.   

See the movie never makes you feel for these people  because they feel like copy of other characters.  It’s almost as if the filmmakers decided hey here are some people feel bad for them as we chase them with monsters.  What do you mean you don’t care about 5 random people at a party in LA who are being chased by monsters? You cared about them in Cloverfield didn’t you?  This is the same movie we just moved it to LA.  Oh don’t worry we have a twist at the end so we can make sequels.  Probably going straight to video but you’ll watch them... You know you will.  

Overall I would say the movie is not really worth checking out unless you happen to catch it on some cable channel, late at night, when you can’t sleep and your only other choice is a Carrot Top marathon.   

Final Grade: D+ 

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Geek, Nerd or Dork?

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OK It looks like people need an explanation on some very important terms.  The other day I was called a nerd by a friend of mine.  Now I wasn’t offended so much as confused, since I am not a nerd.  I’m not a nerd nor am I a dork, what I am is a geek and damn proud of it, but it seems no one seems to realize that there is an actual difference between a Nerd, a Dork and a Geek.  So here I am to set it straight. 

Nerds are fairly easy to spot in an academic setting.  They are the guys trashing the curve studying on a Friday and a Saturday night.  Back in the day they carried pocket protectors and slide rules (I’m old, go look it up) now they carry... actually I’m not sure what they cary that’s different and i don’t hang around high schools, ever since the restraining order, but no matter what the time period the key to a nerd is a thirst for knowledge and academic success.  Most nerds are associated with glasses, computers and some love of math but that is only the most famous breed.   I have met English nerds who have found great thrill in reading Canterbury Tales, Ulysses and read the Russian masters for fun, I look at those and think “Kill me”.  Thanks to NY Public Libraries having such a wide range of Video’s I never had to worry about it.  I went to school with one kid who figured out how to ask for oral sex in Latin, I guess in case he went back in time. These are Nerds.  
A dork is some one who is socially inept, and don’t even know it. Somewhere along the line they never developed that little filter that says this may not be appropriate to share.  The biggest problem for dorks is they never out grew there dorky stage.  Every person has an awkward stage.  It’s just a part of growing up.  As you get older and you learn different things you realize not everyone has the same interests as you.  So maybe if you are that creepy kid who likes to play with spiders and snakes you don’t share that on a first date.  Or maybe you don’t tell a person who you are trying to make friends with about the last bout of diarea. As you grow up you learn what info you can share and what you may want to keep to yourself... except for dorks.  It’s ok that you like to make Dioramas of great moments in time using stuffed bunnies just keep it to your self for now. (I mean the kind taxidermist make not the kind you give to kids... or at least I hope you don’t give them to kids)  The people who never learn what is and isn’t socially acceptable, These are dorks.  
Now geeks... geeks are my people.  I have a kinship for anyone who is a geek because long ago when I read my first comic i realized i was one.  Now the key to a geek is not what they like... but how much they like it.  A guy with over 10,000 comic books is no different than a guy who goes to every home game of his favorite team dressed in a his team jersey driving a car with a vanity plate with the teams logo on it and if he isn’t married the guy has a ton of sport memorabilia around the house.  If he is married it’s all in one room unless, she is also a sports geek.  It’s the extremes that people take there hobbies to that makes them a geek.  Dressing up like a Klingon or a baseball player,  going to see star wars 187 times or seeing he same band 187 times,  Waiting in line all day to get an autograph from Angelina Jolie cause she was Laura croft or waiting in line all day to get an autograph from Angelina Jolie cause... well she’s fucking Angelina Jolie! I would wait in line to drink her bath water... but I’m digressing.  Anyway the point is these extremists who have found something that gives them joy even when it’s bad (ask me about the superman remake one day)  these are my people.
Now before I leave you just so there is some clarification I know some of you are wondering is there any overlapping.  The answer is hell yes! It is this over lapping that gives geeks a bad name.  See if you have a guy who is a geek and a dork you immediately assume all geeks are like that, but no most of the smart ones know to keep our geek habbits to ourselves.  A perfect example of this is the Drew Barrymore, Jimmy Fallon movie Fever Pitch.  Jimmy Fallon is a sports geek he has a good job, he charming, he’s funny but when it comes to the Red Sox he loses his damn mind.  I know guys who are like that with collectible card games, Comic books or Video Games... I myself nearly spent 150.00 on a game.  Not a game system, a fucking GAME!!! If I had the money I would have bought it with out a second thought.  I mean it’s HALO of course I would have spent the money.  
Anyway I hope this little guide has helped you and in the future make sure to insult people correctly.
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Know The Rules

Written by

The 8 Spot Rules: 
Always check the gun before playing.

Never give JP a gun. (Bryant's Law) 

Do not give Bryant hard liquor.

No dating Elizabeth. 

Travel rules:
You can not call shotgun unless you are in sight of the car. You do not have to see the car just be capable of seeing the car. 

Shotgun can not fall asleep, he has to keep the driver awake.

Driver (Not the owner) of the car can veto Shotgun for 2 reasons. 
1) Driver has a preferred navigator when going on a road trip with unfamiliar directions. 
2) Sex.

Eric & Wilson can veto a shotgun call if business needs to be discussed.

Con Rules:
During a convention if things are going badly a trip to a strip club is necessary. 

What happens at a con stays at a con, unless it makes the news. 

No hitting the "fans." Hitting on the fans is perfectly fine. 

No drinking before a business meeting. During is fine and after is sometimes necessary.

No cursing in front of small children. Fuck everybody else. 

If a fan is an asshole, it is ok to verbally bitch slap them just do not physically bitch slap them. 

Work rules: 
No playing Halo during work hours. 

Work hours are hours when you are not playing Halo.

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The clip below is a little accident that happened during a prank war at the Wizard Con at Philly '08. It started at the Chili's near the convention center. I sent my check to the table that JP, Bryant, Julien and Marc were eating at. They, in response, sent their check to our table, a check that was about 3 times the amount I had originally sent to the kiddie table.

In retaliation I walked over and slapped the bill on Julien's forehead where it stayed glued to his forehead.

The next day Marc and the rest decided to make it look like someone had broke into the room and stolen our stuff.  In actuality they just made a mess.

After I stopped laughing at the mess they made, I put on an angry face and yelled at them and read them the riot act so they would clean the room. Later that night while Wilson, D, Tom Chu and Lanky were watching a Star Wars movie I sneaked into the other hotel room and stole all there soap, shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste.  When they discovered this the next morning they accused Lanky of betraying them to the other room, than they took the following steps.

So both Duran & Eric Rivera (No Relation) wrote there opinions on the new Thor trailer so see what both have to say:

OK the Thor trailer was aired at Comic con and the guys over at Spinoff Online have released the trailer and it looks amazing.  The trailer does a good job of letting you know what the movie is about with out showing too much.  Granted the trailer is more of a mini sneak preview that tells you the basic plot in broad strokes one can only hope that these were not all the best scenes but something to wet our appetite.  From what can be gathered they seem to be dropping the crippled Donald Blake angle, but  everything else seems to be pretty accurate in the retelling of one of Marvels most iconic characters and I have high expectations for this adaptation.  But enough about that check out the trailer. 

Thor opens on May 6, 2011and stars Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, Jamie Alexander and Anthony Hopkins
by Sir Eric

The Thor Movie Trailer from the Comic Con has been released if not officially. Still check it out! This looks like it's going to be one of the biggest blockbuster movies Marvel has ever released. Looks great. All the things people have been worrying about pertaining to the Thor movie has been relieved for the time being at least. Thor has the helmet, Loki looks amazing, Odin looks daring and imposing, Asgard looks amazing. There are villains called the Destroyer, Loki, also there are rumors of a secret villain in this film as well!

Well, in my opinion, from all the things they are showing you, as Marvel knows how to do, there will be some exciting additions to the film that we just are not prepared for. Amongst those is the belief that the Infinity Gauntlet itself would be introduced. If you do not know what it is. In Marvel, it is a legendary glove that plays a major role at one point. Look it up. Whether that implies Thanos or not, who knows. But that alone will get me in the theater!! STAY TUNED FOR MORE UPDATES on the 8SPOT!!!! OVER AND OUT!

by Duran R 

Info Links:
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No, I Don't Want to be Rich

Written by

So I was working a Convention in a museum with my Business Partner Wilson.  As soon as Wilson left the table for a moment this rather studious looking gentleman came up and I went into the whole spiel about our books and what I had to sell.  After I mention that I'm also the company owner the following conversation occurs.

Science Geek:         So you started your own company so you could have your ideas published?
Me:                          Pretty much.   I also try to help other writers and artists.
Science Geek:         I have this great idea see I am a geologist and there is so many great stories that can be created.  Especially when you add in all that we know about various dinosaurs and animals that are extinct but because their skeletons are preserved in rocks we really have a wealth of data…
Me:                           Well we have a submissions page on our website so you could send me a proposal. (I hand him one of our flyers with our website on it.)
Science geek:          I don’t have the time to write it and I’m not really a writer but I figured if I gave you the idea when it sells we could split the money. 
Me:                          Wait you want me to write a story based on your knowledge of science but you don’t have a character concept, a story or even the time to write up a proposal.  Than I have to spend my money to get artists to work on it and hope it hits big so I can give half to you?  
Science Geek:        Yeah, it will make you millions. I know it!  
Me:                         Thank you but that doesn’t seem like a project that I would be interested in working on.
Science Geek:        Don’t you want to be Rich?
Me:                         No, No I don’t.  

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Written by


Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational Center
June 25th - July 9th, 2010
Dominican Village Presentation, FRI, June 25th (7- 11PM)

Curated by Christian Montalvo with Miguel Trelles

Abrazo Interno Gallery
Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational Center
107 Suffolk Street (between Rivington & Delancey)
Lower East Side (F, J,M,Z to Essex)



Christian "XIAN" Montalvo
Antonio Montalvo
Wilson Ramos, Jr.
Jun Nuñez
Chevez Sanchez
Anibal Arroyo
Marivel Mejia
David Quiles
Robert Nuñez

Live Percussions by : Kako Sanchez

Spoken word edutainment by :Taina & company
special thanks to Yenny Love

More events to accompany the FWACATA movement so stay tuned!!
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Featured as the visual art exhibition component of the Dominican Village @ the Abrazo Interno Gallery of the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural and Educational Center (ADDRESS), Fwacata! Look at My Hands addresses Caribbean history through sequential art.

La Bande Dessinée (BD), los paquitos, manga (in its contemporary sense) or comic books were first published in the United States around the 1930s. By the 60’s it had become clear that they were not really all that “comic”, and that their artists were really graphic novelists creating what Will Eisner later called sequential art or, in the prescient assessment of the French, “the ninth art.”

Fwacata! is both a visual arts exhibition and a comic book The show plumbs the tension between the gallery and the comic book striving for synergies between the wall and the page, aware of the comic book medium’s Pop genealogy in the gallery and of its coming of age as literature.

This visual haiku by contemporary Latino comic book creators focuses on hands, those hands that played the drumbeat of Caribbean history, rowing from one island to the next and beyond. Based on an original poem by Christian Montalvo, this historical rumination has been co-curated by the author, a self-published graphic artist and co-founder of Alpha Godz Entertainment along with his brother Antonio Montalvo. Co-curator Miguel Trelles is a visual artist in residence at the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural Center.

Fwacata! Look at My Hands is a collaborative effort between Alpha Godz Entertainment (A.G.E. Studios), and a number of Local Latino based Comic Studios, including Section 8 Comics (Wilson Ramos-Jr.), Cabezón Studios (Jun Nuñez, Chévez Sánchez), MAS Media Studios (Aníbal Arroyo) as well as Maribel Mejía and David Quiles. The collective understands that as Latino Comic creators, they follow in the footsteps of such contemporary trail blazers as the Hernández Brothers, George Pérez, Javier Saltares and the late Carlos Meglia, to name just a few.We hope you can join us for this historical artistic event.

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Dangers of Being a Geek

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I have been a geek for a long time and it's not easy, although it is almost always fun. Now you have to understand that while most people immediately think of Geek as a nerd that dresses in a Storm Trooper costume and goes to some sort of geek conventions. This is not the definition of a geek but merely an example. A geek is some one who takes any thing to an extreme. Yes you too might be a geek. Guys who go to weekly meeting of fantasy foot ball wearing some sort of uniform are geeks. People who go to kiss concerts dressed as members of kiss are geeks. And anytime you step outside of the norm you run a risk of being ostracized. But sometimes there are hidden dangers that people don't realize.

Like the Batman urban myth.

I first heard this story when my friends mother broke out laughing while reading a dear Abby column. As the story goes a guy coming home heard a woman calling out "help! Help!" The guy knocked on the door and asked if everything was ok and the woman said she could not open the door. because she was tied up. After breaking down the door the guy finds the young lady is tied to her bed dressed as a sexy robin while her husband dressed as batman is unconscious on the floor. Apparently The couple were enjoying some sex games where the husband was supposed to jump from the dresser onto the bed but hit the ceiling and knocked himself out leaving the wife tied up.

What makes this so funny to me is the whole conversation that brought this up.

"Honey tonight could we try something a little freaky?"

"Like what?"

"Well I was thinking we could dress up in costume tonight."

"Do you want me to be a hooker again?"

"Well I was thinking we could do something from comics"

"Ohh can I be cat woman or maybe Wonder woman."

"Well I was thinking more boy wonderish."

I wish this was the only crazy sex story I have ever heard involving geeks but well there is the whole world of Furries and Plushies. If you don't know what this is these are people who dress up as animals for fun. Now not all of them engage in kinky sex acts but some really get off on the idea pf doing it as an animal. As such some of the costumes can be really intricate. Well as the rumor goes one guy who was rather large and just getting into it had a really intricate panda suit made. While engaging in some carnal delights he didn't take into account how hot the costume got. Apparently not wanting to stop and get a glass of water he just kept going until he passed out.

Being a geek can be hard.

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Zombieland Review

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While I am not a big fan of horror movies I really enjoyed Zombieland.   The movie surrounds the adventures of a young man nicknamed Columbus (played by Jessie Eisenberg) who has developed rules for surviving Zombieland.  As the movie unfolds you realize that this is a different type of zombie movie.  The first thing you notice is the cinematography, as Columbus describes his rules for survival various flashbacks and the use of animated text you are warned that this movie is just going to be a roller coaster of fun and destruction.

The next thing you notice is that Columbus is not your typical hero, his rules are just structured cowardice so that he can survive.  While he is alive, he is also very alone and not only has no one after the virus hit but also had no one before the virus hit.

Most importantly this movie is just fun.  Its not a political commentary.  It's not a reimagining of a classic.  It's a thin story more suited for a video game that relies on it's humor and horror to entertain and it does so with out apology.

With scenes of little Zombie girls attacking a soccer Mom or a zombie stripper chasing after patrons you can't help to have the bar set high for the movies silliness factor and this movie does not disappoint.
Action scenes that are impossibly over the top and a kick ass red neck stereo types (Woody Harrelson) are just a small part of what makes Zombieland so great.  The truth is that this movie takes it's cue from one of my all time favorite TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  There's comedy, there's action and there's even a sprinkle of drama that you don't expect but is actually quite touching.  It combines these elements in an unexpected way but entertains none the less

All in all I would say this movie was a pleasant surprise and I highly recommend it. 

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The Expendables

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Okay so I just discovered a new action movie slated to come out in 2010.  The Expendables, written an directed by Sylvester Stallone.  Now many people assume that Stallone is just a dumb action hero but the truth is that Stalone is actually a talented writer who got lazy.  He was able to get by for a while on his rep and his physique but in later years he’s gone back to basics and started writing solid stories.

All that aside I have no idea if this new movie will be any good but I am sold on the cast alone. This movie reminds me of the dirty dozen where every action hero they can think of is being brought in for this movie. Besides Stallone Listed actors are Jet Li, Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lundgren, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Eric Roberts, Arnold Schwarzenegger and there is even a rumour that Bruce willis will be in the movie.  The Theater has my 12 dollar.  The movie could be the above actors just sitting in a bar discussing the political ramifications of legalizing pot I would still see this movie.   Granted this movie is  apealing to my childhood but who cares as long as the movie is entertaining.

Check out the full cast at the IMDB.

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The Hook Up - Now on Comixology and Indy Planet

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Would you like to own your own copy of The Hook Up with additional content not available on our site? Now you can.  You can go to Comixology for a digital copy or get a hard copy of our convention Special at Indie Planet.


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NYCC 14 Afterpost

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We had a great time at the New York Comic con.  It’s always great to meet fans and make new ones.  April dressed up each day she was at the show.  

Friday  Sat  Sunday

Wilson got to meet one of his favorite actors.  


And I got to meet some of our fans.  

nycc-24 new

April did some commisions.  

Walking Dead

All in all we had a great time but we are tired now.  


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