Eric was born and raised in the Bronx, and he lived through an event that would change humanity forever... the 80's. The 80's was a time when dancing attempted to replace fighting, that lasted a week longer than Beat Street did in the theatres.

During this crazy time Eric discovered a few things. The first was this amazing art form called Comic Books. That’s what everyone else called them, to Eric they were crack. Soon he was stealing just to get his fix but it was never enough, More Claremont, more Wolfman oh my god is that something from Frank Miller??? Eventually Eric tried to sell his younger brother for a counterfeit copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 when his parents found this out he was sent to Puerto Rico to live on a chicken farm with his Grandmother and crazy uncle, thousands of miles away from the nearest comic book shop.

After a long nasty detox incident where his uncle ended up tying him up in the chicken coop Eric was finally cured. Without the constant fix Eric had attempted to make his own comic books but his artistic talents being destroyed in an odd skelsies accident Eric realized he could tell a story but he needed some one else to draw it. So he began a search for an artist.

Luckily he came across the talented April Dias, after showing some scripts and a lot of begging he convinced her to take a chance on the Hook up.

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