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Wilson is one of the partners, he has worked in the industry for almost 20 years. He manages the studio end of the company and coordinates the talent. He has a love of robots that borders on the obsessive.


The other partner, Eric is in charge of the wiriting & editorial end of the company. He is also in charge of coming up with the money for running the company. It stresses him out causing him to find solace in many a strip club.


The Marketing director, Alex comes up with ways to make sure the world will know about Section 8 unfortunately many of his schemes seem to fall a little short. He also has the amazing ability to talk Eric & Wilson into anything. He lives in California, so he normally talks to the guys through a speaker box.


Marc hosts the @ The 8 Spot News. He mainly goofs of at the studio when he should be working. Marc is an anomoly in that he is a "cool" geek and something of a ladies man. He is also Eric's brother.


Colorist & tech support. LJ helps keep the studio up & running but he also has a penchant for taking things apart. For some reason he takes any excuse he can to dress up in costume. He is also Wilson's brother.


Jay runs the Phoenix comic shop. He also writes The Mark! He is also the resident copy editor. Yeah he's the smart one.


JP kind of stumbled into Section 8 comics. He was a pizza delivery boy for Ninja Pizza. For some reason people don't seem to notice him. It might have something to do with his training at Ninja Pizza.


Bryant writes a lot of articles for the Crossroads hoping to get a real job, other than running to get food for the studio. He seems to be able to move at super human levels of speed, which might be why he eats at superhuman levels.



World traveler and spawned from the blood of circus and Carnie folk Julien is caable of great feets of gymnastics. He also has a back pack that he always keeps with him. He seems to be able to pull anything out of it.


Willson & LJ's baby sister just barely puts up with the insanity of Section 8 studios and would love it if they could move the studio out of her living room.

G The Gremlin

He lives in Eric's Scion and has put in a casino and Buffet in the glove compartment. He shows up whenever there is a party or a good time to be had.

The Wombat

No one knows who this mysterious superhero is but many have there suspiciouns .

Retail Idiots

Unfortunatly LJ's life seems to be filled with retail idiots. They seem to bring out the worse in LJ.