Inserting a Video

When putting a youtube video use the format below and use the paste as plain text function.   You don't want it to actually appear to be a link.  


Inserting a Picture

Click on the photo icon and a pop up will appear. 

tip 1

If the image is already on the web you can just copy and paste the url in the box (A) and then click insert.  
If the image is one you have to upload scroll down to the wilson folder(C) click on that and then double click the blog folder so toy are in your blog folder. then click the upload button (B).  This will pop up the upload window.
tip 2
You can drop files here. click upload and then just close the window and you will go back to the window above.  
tip 3
NOTE!!!! some browsers will not auto populate the url bar so you may have to double click on the file you just uploaded.  The thumbnail on the left will tell you if you have the right picture
tip 4
If you want to modify the picture.  (Size, alignment, border, a;termate Text) use the functions under the URL. 
tip 5
for links once you have put in a picture double click the picture so that white boxes surround the pic and click the link icon.  
tip 6
The link pop up will appear simply copy and paste the url into the url box.  then click insert.  
tip 7